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Aether Gazer is an ARPG game, mixing action elements with RPG. In the game, you can play as Aether Gazer, and you have to fight together with your team to eliminate the Shihai. These Shihai have ended the world as you knew it, and you are needed to protect the survivors from this catastrophe.

The survivors have uploaded their consciousness data to the data network, called Gaea Zero. The goal was to escape death and suffering in the real world, and create a virtual paradise. However, the Shihai wants to put an end to this peace world.

Real-time combat allows you to use all kinds of attacks against enemies. The single attack with the sword can be performed as many times as you want, but each special attack can be used only once every few seconds, so you will have to wait a few seconds until you can perform them again. Among the enemies in the game, you find final bosses and other enemies that are easier to defeat.

Aether Gazer has spectacular graphics and very fluid animations. So, if you like anime games with manga style and excellent gameplay, you can download the APK of Aether Gazer.

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