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Aurora Store is an app that allows users to download new versions of apps and games.

Similar to Google Play store, Aurora Store offers tons of apps with descriptions, screenshots, update versions, and more. Users can download their preferred apps and games on the site with just a tap. In addition, you can also search for older version of one app/game, and download compatible versions according to your mobile devices.

With Aurora Store installed on your device, it will help you manage all the apps that already installed on your device, so you can update them from Aurora store directly, as well as download popular games.


How do I install Aurora Store?
To install Aurora Store, you can download both the latest and any other APK version. Just hit Install on this page

How safe is Aurora Store?
Aurora Store is a safe app. Our site and VirusTotal's security report states that 62 antivirus softwares indicate that the APKs are adware-free. These files are analyzed periodically.

Is Aurora Store free?
Yes, Aurora Store is totally free and can be downloaded directly from this page. Both the APK download and in-app downloads are free.

How big is the Aurora Store APK?
The Aurora Store APK is less than 6 MB, making it a very light app. This number does not include the size of the apps you might download from the tool itself, which will need extra space.



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