SCP 1562-The Slide (SCP LAB)

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SCP 1562 - SCP carnivorous slide is a SCP Tycoon clicker about the devourer slide and the SCP Lab!

This Idle Tycoon clicker is dedicated to the history of SCP carnivorous slide and SCP lab.
This is a new take on clicker games.

SCP-1562 - SCP carnivorous slide is a metal devourer slide on the playground. The Aesipi SCP carnivorous slide was acquired from an abandoned playground. The object's abnormal effects only occur when a person slides head down on their stomach with their arms folded at their sides; any other body or limb orientation during the slide has no effect, and only humans are affected.

SCP Tycoon clicker with a devourer slide and SCP lab. This is a game about SCP object, where you will build and improve your own SCP laboratory, do research and manage the SCP carnivorous slide. The game features unconventional gameplay that allows you to observe and improve SCP objects and get people involved in the game. Hand-painted graphics and stylish design add to the atmosphere, and interesting human physics will delight you with its realism. Join the game and become a part of the SCP Foundation! Become part of the SCP community!

The game SCP 1562 - SCP carnivorous slide (SCP Tycoon) represents a new approach to the SCP Tycoon idle clicker games, in which players must manage SCP objects and build up their SCP Labs. Players are given the opportunity to monitor and improve SCP objects, as well as hire people and improve the SCP Lab.

- Observe the SCP carnivorous slide.
- Build your SCP Lab!
- Improve your SCP carnivorous slide
- Be the SCP carnivorous slide
- Increase the level of SCP carnivorous slide
- Involve people in SCP carnivorous slide
- Improve the SCP Lab!
- Recruit people into the SCP Lab.
- The bigger the SCP Lab, the more people and research!
- SCP Lab produces Research.
- SCP Lab allows you to hire people.
- SCP Lab generates money.

Game Features:
- A game about an SCP object.
- A game about the SCP Lab.
- SCP Tycoon.
- SCP Lab Construction.
- SCP Lab Improvement.
- SCP Objects Observation.
- Hand colored graphics
- Stylish design
- Interesting human physics
- Out of the box gameplay
- New approach to idle clicker games
- SCP carnivorous slide as the main character
- Game about SCP object
- SCP lab construction

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