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About 777Games -
777 Games is India’s fastest growing gaming startup, within a short span of time, over 1 Million+ players have trusted us to facilitate premium gaming experiences which are designed by keeping core values of user safety & privacy.

Why Join 777 Games
Best Rummy & Callbreak Experience for Free - Other Exciting Games like Poker, Fantasy, Chess coming soon!
Play with the best and get full paisa vasool entertainment !

Indian Rummy (रम्मी) is sometimes wrongly spelt as rumi, rummay, rumny, rummmy, ramee, remy
rammy, remi, rami etc. but is the same as rummy (Indian rummy), Indian rummy is a version of gin rummy.
Types of rummy we offer are points Rummy, pool Rummy (101/201 pool rummy) Deals Rummy (Best of 2, Best of 3) we offer 13 card rummy at the moment, we will offer 10 card variants going further. India’s Best Rummy Playing Platform, Free Rummy Online.

Call break (कॉल ब्रेक) is a super simple game which you can play and have exciting/fun times with your friends and family !

777 Games Features -
♠ Easy to understand Games like Rummy and Callbreak.
♠ Smooth/Non-Glitchy Gameplay across all android devices and Mobile Networks.
♠ Best in the Industry Gaming Experience at your fingertips for FREE.

Indian Rummy Card Game Rules -
♥ 13 card rummy game is played between 2 to 6 players.
♥ Each players gets 13 cards at the start of the rummy game where 2 card decks are used.
♥ Each player starts with 80 points and must form sequences and sets to reduce their points from 80 to 0.
♥ On a player’s turn, he can choose to pick up a face up or face down card and exchange it with a card from his hand.
♥ Player should get to 0 points with the correct sequences and sets as quickly as possible to win the Indian rummy game.
♥ Rules for sequences and sets-
- Minimum two sequences are required
- One of these sequences called First Life must be pure
- The second sequence called Second Life can be pure or impure

Indian CallBreak Game Rules -
♠ Call Break is a strategic trick-based card game played by four players. The Game is very similar to other other trick - based game especially Spades
♠ Standard single deck with 52 cards and no joker. Standard rules are followed for the rank of the cards in the same suit : A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2
♠Spades (♠) are always the trump cards

Dealing and Bidding
Players are dealt with 13 cards each starting from the left of the dealer.
First Dealer will be chosen randomly and after that, the turn to deal rotates clockwise from first dealer
Each player bids a number of trick between 1 and 13 starting from the left of the dealer, player have to achieve this goal in order to get positive score
Player can bid any number of tricks independent of previous bids or total bids.

Playing Hands
The player on dealers left plays any card to the first trick. The rest players have to follow the same suit with high card if they can, otherwise they can play any card.
A trick without spades is won by the highest card played of the same suit as lead. If one or more spades are used then trick is won by the highest spade played.

Scoring & Winning
If a player takes as many tricks as its bid, they will receive points equal to their bid
Additional trick (overtricks) are counted as 0.1 point each.
If a player hasn’t won tricks as their bid, they will get as many negative points as they bid.
There will be three round of play or three deal in a game. At the end of third round the winner will be decided, player with higher total points will win the game.

Let the Games begin !!



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