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"AI art generator Free - AI helps you to easily generate amazing artwork or anime avatar by entering prompts. And You can easily find the most popular AI filter effects on TikTok here! You can receive 【free bonus after daily check-in】 to create AI art. We provide unidream text to art, AI profile avatar creator, Image inpainting and AI expand image!

- Prompt generator & GPT assistant to help create.
- Advanced tools such as posture control and line art coloring.
- A vast array of AI art styles, easily cosplay anime or cartoon characters.
- Enhance facial precision through advanced algorithms.
- AI inpainting to automatically inpaint with simple discription

Here are the amazing features:

-AI Avatar Creator
Turn your photos into AI magic avatar. Easy to face play. Take your profile photo to the next level using this AI avatar maker! Upload wombo photos to generate profile avatars in various styles. It can also polish scenes in your Midjourney. Enjoy fantasy AI avatars in lots of styles, such as Japanese anime, Korean Manga, US comics, wombo dream art, you will see a fantasy new one in ai mirror. How amazing is the unidream AI drawing.

-AI Dream Art & AI Drawing
It is an AI text to art generator that turns your imagination into unidream AI drawings. Wonder what face play you want to draw. Simply describe your idea, choose a style you want, click Create and wait a few seconds, you will be able to see your own AI painting. The uni dream text to art maker has cool new styles to create AI paintings. Must satisfy you with dream art. We introduced various plugins from the Stable Diffusion open-source community, such as Controlnet & LoRA. You can use them to precisely control composition, character poses, line art coloring, resulting in more satisfying AI drawing outcomes.

-More Art Styles in One app
We use the model trained on open-source Stable Diffusion for generating general AI Art like midjourney. The model trained by our dataset is better for realistic art, you can see your magic avatar in AImirror. We also provide an anime style model trained by our dataset, which is better for cartoons and anime artwork. Our goal is to be one of the best AI art generator and ai painter.

-AI Inpainting, Video Editor, and other tools
Simply describe your command, automatically inpaint to change the backgrounds, attire or other areas. Uni Dream offers many editing options to easily turn images to playful cartoon videos, add artistic typography, stickers, high-level filters and so on. It's a fun dream art app for transforming regular photos into real cartoon videos.

Do you want to open AI world and get an avatar dreamwork by AI text generation? Come to use our AI model to create wonder dream by wombo. Enter prompt and create artwork, you will recognize the fascination. We offer free bonus for everyone to enjoy AI art. Now you can get aimirror and wonder dream style cartoon avatars for free."

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