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Play various board-configurations in this classic tile-matching game of Mahjong Solitaire. If you're not familiar with Mahjong Solitaire, then this app might be a good introduction, because it includes boards that are easier to play, to get familiar with the game-play. The difficulty level of this app is for all skills, with most of the board-layouts being "beginner" to "intermediate" in difficulty. The easy boards layouts are fairly simple, the stacks of tiles are short, and the number of tiles to match are not overwhelming.

How to play Mahjong Solitaire:
- There's a game board, containing rows and columns of stacked tiles.
- Find two identical tiles (tiles that has the same face/picture) - tap one and then the other to match them.
- To win the game, all the tiles much be removed from the board by matching them.
- But note that tiles can be only be matched when they are not blocked (a tile is not blocked if there's no tile on its left or right side, and there's no tile stacked above it).

Sounds simple? Then why not start playing? But prepare for some challenges, because while Mahjong Solitaire seems easy, it's not as easy as it sounds. It can be challenging to end up with tile(s) that are not "free," which causes the board to be unsolvable (in a dead-end). This can occur when all the matching tiles are covered by other tiles or if they can't be moved because there's a tile blocking its sides or covering above it.

It's usually better not to just blindly match without looking ahead. For example, if there're 3 free-tiles that can be matched, it is usually better to pick the two that would free more tiles. Also, sometimes the most obvious match might have another possible match. Sometimes you'll just have to try your luck, because the tile underneath the matching tile is blocked.

The game has a timer, but there's no time limit. Players can relax and play as fast or as slow as they like. But those who likes challenge might want to try to beat their previous time.

- Colorful Easter eggs themed variations of the popular Solitaire Mahjong game. Instead of matching numbers and bamboos and dragons, match pictures of painted Easter eggs.
- Contains many boards for beginners and casual players. The traditional/classic turtle/pyramid board tower is included.
- The boards are for various Mahjongg skill levels, beginners to intermediate.
- Easy touch interface, tap a tile then that another tile that matched it.
- Hint option to highlight free-tiles that can be matched.
- Shuffle options to assist when reaching a dead end. This will "free" some of the previously blocked tiles. It should be used sparingly, because the number of shuffles is limited.
- Cheerful graphics and soothing background music.
- Every board (level) is generated with a randomizer algorithm. Even though player's moves may make a board unsolvable, every board starts with a solvable configuration.

This app works on phone and tablets. Best experienced on tablets.



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