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The official Eberspächer app is free of charge and enables the convenient operation of one or more Eberspächer pre-heaters via your Smartphone. Access the Eberspächer pre-heater in your vehicle conveniently and quickly from anywhere in the world. Or control the pre-heaters in a fleet of up to ten vehicles with a single Smartphone.

Start and stop the heating process directly, request the status of the pre-heater and the vehicle interior temperature, or pre-program up to three events for limitless comfort. For example, the pre-heater will start up fully automatically the following morning, letting you sleep in after returning late from your business trip.

The app also comes with attractive bonus features: the weather service can automatically send you a message when the temperature forecast for the next day falls below the level you set. And you can access the most important news from Eberspächer in a reader-friendly format while you’re on the go.

All you need do to use the free app is install an EasyStart Call (GSM receiver) and an Eberspächer pre-heater in your vehicle.

- Add up to 10 pre-heaters (divided into 2 pools of 5 devices each)
- Operate Eberspächer water and air heaters
- Give each added pre-heater a name of your choice
- Upload a thumbnail photo for each added pre-heater for better identification
- Switch on the pre-heater with indication of the running time
- Set a target temperature (for air heaters)
- Activate the ventilation function in summer
- Status request to check whether the pre-heater is still running
- Request the interior temperature in the vehicle (if a separately available temperature sensor
has been connected to the EasyStart Call)
- Activate and deactivate automatic messages for each command sent
- Program the timer with up to three events, incl. activation and deactivation
- Weather service for automatic notification when the temperature falls below an individually settable
temperature level
- Eberspächer News area
- 9 different languages can be set (German, English, French, Russian, Dutch,
Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish)

The embedded weather alert is a feature of external origin and its provision does not lie within Eberspächer’s influence. The data reliability can therefore not be guaranteed.



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