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ExaGear: Windows Emulator is a Windows emulator for Android that allows you to run Win32 apps and games on Android devices with ARM processors. ExaGear: Windows Emulator doesn't emulate Windows fully, but uses a translation layer to interpret x86 instructions and execute them on ARM processors. This means the performance is better since it is not an actual emulation. However, it's important to note that ExaGear: Windows Emulator only allows you to run 32-bit apps since 64-bit apps aren't supported.

Run x86 programs on Android

Although ExaGear: Windows Emulator is capable of running some games, this doesn't mean it can run the latest games. Compatible games include classics such as Half-Life, Diablo II, Fallout 2 and Age of Empires II. In terms of apps, you can run Office, Gimp, VLC, Winamp or AIMP. By default, programs such as 7-Zip or IrfanView are included. You can add other programs just by running the installer .exe file.

Advertisement Use the touchscreen or connect a keyboard and mouse

When you run the emulator, the first thing you see is a screen explaining the controls to you. For example, you can left-click by simply tapping on the part of the screen you want to interact with. To right-click, you must keep your finger pressed down. You can also scroll, zoom, or drag, as well as open the keyboard. If you prefer, you can connect a mouse and keyboard to your device via USB or Bluetooth and use your Android device as if it were a computer.

Download the ExaGear: Windows Emulator APK and enjoy one of the best Windows emulators for Android.



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