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Family Town: Match-3 Makeover is a casual game where you can control Chloe, a young woman who, after discovering that she has become pregnant, will see how her life takes a radical turn when her partner suddenly abandons her. What initially seems like a difficult situation will become an opportunity to make a fresh start. Luckily, your protagonist will always have you to help and guide her.

The gameplay in Family Town: Match-3 Makeover combines stages in which you can decorate your house, make up your protagonist, or dress her in numerous different clothes in many match-3 levels in which you will have to earn coins and all kinds of rewards. Every time you need to obtain resources, you can play a new level, where you must join three or more elements of the same color. The objectives of each level will increase in difficulty since each time, you will have to destroy more colored elements in fewer movements.


One of the most fun aspects of Family Town: Match-3 Makeover is that you can customize the appearance of Chloe, the protagonist, as the game's story progresses. At first, you will have to remove the stained clothes she is wearing, but little by little, you will be able to use different make-up styles, different hairstyles, and of course, lots and lots of clothes— dresses, pants, skirts, sunglasses, shoes, boots, t-shirts... You can unlock many clothes to give her a unique look.

As if changing Chloe's appearance was not enough, in Family Town: Match-3 Makeover, you can customize both your house and your neighbors. You will be able to make friends with all the people who live near you, being able to advise them on how to decorate their house. In this way, you can create many different environments, all to your liking. You will also have dozens of tables, carpets, cabinets, window frames, lamps, and other decorative elements for this. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Family Town: Match-3 Makeover is a very fun and varied game. When you pass a few match-3 puzzles, you can change your protagonist's hairstyle or decorate your neighbor's house. And all this is perfectly integrated within an exciting story, allowing you to discover many characters with whom you can establish different relationships.



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