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Are you ready to test your football knowledge and climb the ranks to become a true Footy Brain? Look no further than "Footy Brains" – the ultimate football quiz based game is free to download. With its engaging gameplay and exciting features, "Footy Brains" is guaranteed to keep football fans entertained for hours on end.

Choose Your Favorite Football Club and Dive into the Action
Kick off your "Footy Brains" journey by selecting your favorite football club from a wide range of options, including top clubs from Italy, France, England, Spain, and around the world. Whether you're a passionate supporter of Manchester United, Real Madrid, Juventus, or Paris Saint-Germain, there's a team for every football fanatic. Once you've made your choice, get ready for a customized football quiz experience tailored to your favorite club

Solo Play & Multiplayer Madness
"Footy Brains" offers two exciting game modes to keep you hooked: solo and versus. In solo mode, challenge yourself with a series of football related quizzes covering topics ranging from previous football matches and football records to legendary players. There will be also quizzes related to international football including FIFA Worldcup. Alternatively, take your skills to the next level in multiplayer mode, where you'll compete against random opponents in intense 5-quizzes battles. Both players must answer correctly and swiftly to earn maximum points. The player with the most points at the end of the football trivia battle emerges victorious and earns bragging rights as the ultimate Footy Brain!

Earn Points and Climb the Ranks
Put your football knowledge to the test as you conquer challenges presented in the shortest possible time. Answer questions about your favorite team's greatest moments, football records, or guess the names of famous players from around the world. Every correct answer earns you points, which not only increase your level in the top charts but also reward you with coins that can be used within the game. As you continue to answer questions correctly, watch as your ranking improves both nationally and globally. Additionally, compete in weekly versus battles to see where you stand among other players based on your performance.

How to Play
⚽️ Select your favorite team and you are good to go. NO SIGNUP HASSLE
⚽️ Kick off your Football Quiz Career by engaging in solo or vs. battles
⚽️ Conquer challenges presented in the shortest possible time to emerge victorious
⚽️ Every rank will earn you exclusive achievement badges as you progress in the game

Who Can Play
Footy Brains is for all age group and can be played by any football fan either kid or an adult. Once you get into it, it will take you to next level ride of fun and knowledge!

Play and gain knowledge
With "Footy Brains," every correct answer will not only earn you points and rewards but also enhance your football knowledge.
Download "Footy Brains" now and join the millions of football fans around the world in the ultimate football quiz experience and embark on an exciting journey through the world of football trivia!



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