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The second bounce of advance of giant style wire action game.
Power improved further than former work 《 the blade of the counteroffensive 》 and it came back!!
The name also《 wing of gale 》

【 game description 】
The title screen appears when the game is started.
START ・・・ Game beginning
TUTORIAL ・・・ How of the game to play is learnt according to the text instruction displayed on the screen in the training stage.
Because giant's ([haribote]) for training weak point is attacked, and three is destroyed, it becomes a tutorial clear stage.

OPTION ・・・ The item that can be set with OPTION that sets the game is as follows.
・GameLV ・・・ The difficulty of the game is decided.
The number of maximum giants that appears in EASY-stage becomes two. The number of maximum giants that money on hand appears 1/4 in NORMAL-decreasing stage at game over becomes three. The number of maximum giants that money on hand appears 1/3 in HARD-decreasing stage at game over becomes four. Money on hand decreases at game over and 1/2 decreases.

・Do not you throw BGM・・・BGM or throw?

・Controller ・・・ The controller mode is decided.
1 - Usual controller
2 - Transparent controller
3 - Controller for small screen (Only when 1 and 2 are not installed on the screen, use it).
・It makes it more attractive to a left wire with WireColor・・・ON. The wire being launched by turning it on now becomes and it becomes easy the right or the left or to distinguish.
・TapArea ・・・ Non-tap area is made visible, and it becomes easy to distinguish the tap area of the wire.

【 how to advance it and operation explanation of game 】
Various elements are displayed on the screen on the combat screen.
In the text on the screen, it is with Life, Gas, Blade, and Enemy.
It is game over when becoming Life・・・0. Money on hand decreases and it returns to the stage selection screen.
It becomes impossible Gas ・・・ to rise in the launching and the gas of the wire when decreasing when it launches and the gas of the wire rises, and becoming 0.
The damage the more it approaches Blade・・・0, the more given decreases.
Enemy ・・・ Number of giants in the stage. It is stage clearness if it topples a giant and it makes it to 0.
Life, Gas, and Blade can be recovered by the item that goes out of the replenishment goods box.

The character is operated with the controller and the button that has gone out on the screen.
1 and L button screen right buttons
・Left wire collection
・It quickly initializes it by the double tap the aspect (The giant jumps and is quick and is a double tap) R button.
・Right wire collection

2 and B button ・・・ Attack

3 and A button
・It rises by keeping pushing when the wire moves (gas consumption).
・It is quickly a change to the giant by the double tap (Only half the character and the physical strength that can be the change to the giant it are consumed).

Right wire launching of half the left screen in tap by left wire launching and the right half tap.
Doing tap and wire movement of wire area that becomes a hit when wire becomes a hit.
When a left wire becomes a hit, it is a tap as for the wire area on half the left screen.

It is not possible to launch it in the vicinity of the controller.

【 clear condition 】
Annihilate the giant in the stage.
When it keeps damaging giant's hands and feet, the part is destroyed.
If both feet are reduced, movement will become duller for a while. Aim at 【 nape 】 of the weak point before finishing recovering.
It will be not able to topple a giant even if attacking excluding the weak point or leaving by when.

【 others 】
・The difficulty and the obtained gold increase whenever the stage is chased.
・Only one this item is displayed on the field. The item is ♪ surely acquired.

【 remarks 】
・To display the advertisement and to optimize it, it connects it with the network.



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