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This launcher was created by our developers so that you can download the Heaven portal mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition, in which you will go directly to paradise, in the mcpe Bedrock game world. The launcher interface will help you download this addon in just a couple of clicks, because we have made it as convenient as possible. And in turn, we want to wish you a pleasant game with the addition of Aether portal mod or Heaven mod.

Heaven mod will be able to transport you between dimensions and islands, in the survival mode of the game, so that you can meet mobs from another dimension and fight with them. Portal aether mod will create portals in your world through which you can get into the cloud world, or rather, into the world that is in the clouds. Here you will be able to meet blocks and biomes that you have never seen before, because they are created specifically for the Heaven portal mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Mods and addons, such as, Aether portal mod and Portal Aether mod, will make you a real god in the game world, because you will find yourself in a real mcpe Bedrock hell. You won't need to build your own portals, because they will be created along with the survival world. Addon Heaven mod adds both evil mobs and good ones that will be able to find the right path for you in these paradise dimensions.

Heaven portal mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition will give you the opportunity to fully explore this dimension, along with its islands, in which many strange things are hidden. In Aether portal mod, an amazing world will open before you, in which you can show all your traveler and detective skills to find all the treasures in survival mode.

Addon Portal Aether mod will be able to show you what all the dimensions in paradise look like, where you can settle down and explore the islands. To get into the dimension, you just need to find portals that can lead you to the clouds.

Mods and addons that we develop for our users are not official additions for mcpe Bedrock game. All official mods and addons belong to Mojang ab only. All rights reserved.

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