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#1 HK Radio App for Hong Kong
中國及香港地區- 香港電台應用程式榜首
Use features like Sleep Timer, Night Mode Dark Theme, Skip through Favorites, and more!

Listen to Music, News, and Cultural programs on HK Radio.

Hong Kong Radio is extremely easy to use, just tap and listen to high quality live broadcast stations in Hong Kong!

• Save your favorite stations and find them faster.
• Use search to find the most popular stations in Hong Kong and beyond.
• Set your default tab to all stations or your favorites.
• Set a Sleep Timer to pause automatically.
• Control the radio in the lock screen and in the notifications area. Tune your favorite stations
• Dark Mode
• Continuous Playback: App will automatically restart the station after any errors.
• Automatic Retry and Automatic Retry Notifications



• 可儲存電台頻道到我的最愛。
• 可搜索香港各電台。
• 自設首頁:電台列表/我的最愛。
• 設定睡眠時鐘,自動停止收聽廣播。
• 隨時於鎖定及通知頁面控制電台的播放。於「我的最愛」簡易調台。
• 暗黑模式。
• 重新緩衝: 如電台未能成功播放, 程式會自動重新緩衝。
• 加入自動重新連結以及其推送通知

Hong Kong Radio is best enjoyed with a good WiFi, LTE, or 4G connection. Slower connections may experience occasional buffering.

For most stations, you will use 28MB-50MB per hour (1GB = 1000MB)


預計使用的數據流量: 每小時28MB-50MB。

Stations Available:
• RTHK 1, RTHK 2, RTHK 3, RTHK 4, RTHK 5, RTHK Putonghua.
• Metro Info, Finance, Plus
• Radio Macau
• Guangdong Radio
• Happy Radio 88.8
• Radio Foshan
• More stations added weekly!

• 香港電台第一台,二台,三台,四台,五台及普通話台
• 新城知訊台,財經台,采訊台
• 澳門電台中文頻道
• 廣東電台音樂之聲
• 澳門電台
• 快乐888
• 佛山电台
• 每星期均有頻道更新/加入。

To request more stations, contact us at [email protected]
如有其他香港電台頻道推薦, 可電郵[email protected]

Copyright Notice:

1. HK Radio does not include any copyrighted works.
2. HK Radio does not distribute or make available copies of copyrighted works.
3. HK Radio does not enable users to create copies or record copyrighted works.
4. HK Radio only enables users to access works already put in circulation by the respected copyright holders.
5. HK Radio does not enable any new distribution medium outside of those already made available by the respected copyright holders.
6. HK Radio does not include any pre-existing copyrighted broadcasts and does not include any pre-recorded content.
7. HK Radio does not host, re-distribute, or digitally rebroadcast any content.
8. HK Radio is free and does not sell any content.
9. HK Radio is strictly an indexing and directory service.
10. HK Radio may use trademarks under nominative fair use for the purpose of identification. HK Radio is not affiliated with or endorsed by any third party.

By installing this app, you agree to the End User License Agreement found at:

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