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This application lets you listen to the recitations from the Holy Quran by Saud Al Shuraim Hafs from Asim, you can also downloan the holy quran with recitation of Saud Al Shuraim as mp3 files.

This App has the following features
• Auto advance to the next sura.
• Repeat sura multiple time.
• Stop playing when somebody call you.
• Listen to the quran in background.
• auto shuffle between tracks.
• Download surah and playing it without internet.
• Pausing for Incoming Phone Call .
• Sharing application with your friends.
• Reciter : Saud Al Shuraim.

Whos is sheikh Saud Al Shuraim
1. Sheikh Saud Al Shuraim, is one of the most acclaimed reciters of the Holy Qur'an.
2. He was born in Aryad, Saudi Arabia in 1966 (1386 H).
3. Sheikh Shuraim he graduated from the University of Al Imam Mohamed Ben Saud and then joined the High institute of Magistracy.
4. In 1992, Saud Ash Shuraym was nominated by the King of Saudi Arabia Imam and Priest (Khatib) of the Holy Mosque.
5. He was also appointed as a judge in the Saudian High Court.

I hope you like this islamic app and the quran recitation of Sheikh Saud Al Shuraim, and don't forget ask me if you have any question to improve it.
Please send us your feedback and feature requests and keep us in your prayers.

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