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Welcome to "Holy Word", your ultimate companion for exploring the Bible in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. This app is your key to accessing the Word of God in a straightforward, engaging way, offline, and with no advertisements to distract you.

We are excited to introduce a brand-new feature: an AI-powered Bible Assistant named BibleGPT! Designed to enhance your spiritual journey, this intelligent assistant provides instant answers to all your spiritual questions, making your exploration of the scriptures even more enriching.

With the AI-powered Bible Assistant BibleGPT, you can:

- Get Instant Answers: Quickly find accurate answers to any Bible-related question.
- Receive Spiritual Guidance: Obtain insightful guidance based on biblical teachings.
- Enhance Your Study: Deepen your understanding of the scriptures with detailed explanations and context.

"Holy Word" is designed to make your spiritual journey enlightening and accessible. With easy navigation, it features quick searches, the ability to share verses with friends, reading plans to keep you on track, and audio versions for when you want to listen to the scriptures being read. You'll find insightful articles, cross-references to connect different parts of the Bible, harmonies of the Gospels, and random verses for daily inspiration. Plus, our Interlinear tool with a strong concordance in English is perfect for those looking to dive deeper into their studies.

Our library includes a wide range of Bible versions to cater to diverse preferences and languages:

- King James Version (KJV): A classic and revered English translation.
- Louis Segond (LSG): Popular among French-speaking communities.
- Giovanni Diodati Bibbia (Diodati): An esteemed choice for Italian speakers.
- Reina-Valera (Valera): Widely read by Spanish-speaking believers.
- João Ferreira de Almeida (Almeida): A cornerstone for Portuguese-speaking readers.
- Schlachter Bibel (Schlachter): Cherished in German-speaking regions.
- Arabic Bible (Smith & Van Dyke Translation): A key version for Arabic readers.
- Hindi Bible: Bringing the Word to Hindi-speaking audiences.
- Chinese Bible (Chinese Union Version Simplified): Accessible to Chinese readers.
- Japanese Bible (New Japanese Bible 1973): For the Japanese-speaking faithful.
- Russian Bible (Russian Synodal Translation 1876): A primary source for Russian Christians.
- Hebrew Bible (Westminster Leningrad Codex): Essential for those reading in Hebrew.
- Greek Bible (Textus Receptus Stephanus 1550): For students and scholars of the Greek texts.

"Holy Word" also extends its reach to Android TV and Chromebook users, ensuring that you can engage with God's Word on your preferred device, anytime and anywhere.

Download "Holy Word" today to start a fulfilling journey through the scriptures, supported by a wide array of resources and translations designed to bring you closer to God's teachings, no matter where you are in the world or what language you prefer.

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