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Commander, the survivors need your leadership! In this apocalyptic world filled with zombies, build underground shelters, collect resources, upgrade buildings, deploy strategies and strengthen defenses! Fight against zombie attacks and lead humanity to reverse its destiny!

Build an underground shelter
Command workers to dig to expand shelters, while gathering resources and discovering treasures! But be careful, some areas have been invaded by zombies! Upgrade your combat power to destroy them and reclaim captured resources! Build a whole new underground world!

DIY design
Build different bunker facilities and freely adjust the layout to your preference! Upgrade buildings, increase development efficiency to have more survivors, let them become the driving force of your development! But don't forget to grow enough food to feed them!

Recruit heroes
Send a telegram to attract heroes to join! Each hero has his own strengths, try combining different factions to create a super powerful team! Order them to grow and build, collect crops or fight zombies on the front line!

Great World Function
Training soldiers to go to war! Command your army to collect resources in the wasteland, hunt zombies, and conquer and restore destroyed cities! Pay attention, faced with scarce resources, zombies are not your only danger!

Alliance System
You're not alone! Join the alliance and find like-minded allies to help each other and grow together. Whether you are gathering strength to fight zombies or participating in fierce competition between alliances, unity is the greatest weapon!



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