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No longer pursuing mysterious spells, the protagonist turns to tame the witch!
Have you ever seen a brave man who controls a witch and conquers the world?
Never seen it? That's right! Because they are all here, whipping with a magic whip, taming their witches!

=== Game Features ===

- Tame the Witch with Heroic Charm -
The hero no longer delves into arcane spells but focuses on taming the witch with ease and bravery!
- Heroic Control of the Witch -
Witness the hero's prowess in commanding a witch to conquer the world with a magical whip.
- Automated Heroic Taming -
The hero's unique hang-up taming ability automatically trains low-level witches, allowing for a hands-free approach to world domination.
- Hero's Demonic Allies -
For the hero, these demons aren't just pets but vital allies. They autonomously seek out mysterious treasures, ensuring the hero wakes to a bounty of riches.
- The Hero's Collection of Demons -
Every conqueror, especially our hero, enjoys collecting various demons, each with unique skills. The hero masterfully combines attack, defense, and speed strategies.
- Strategy for the Heroic Conqueror -
To reign supreme, our hero relies not just on powerful demons but also on superior strategic acumen.

Join the adventure and see who emerges as the ultimate heroic conqueror!
To dominate here, you need not only powerful demons but also superb strategy!

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