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[Moonlight Crush's Storyline]
"If you encounter golden eyes... run!"

With these cryptic words, 'I' leave my hometown and a helicopter crash strands me in a mysterious place. The world of wolves? Werewolves?"

“You have to return quickly. Everyone will be dangerous.”

However, as time passed, an inexplicable attraction grew, driving us to desire each other.

“Here you are!”
And then, mysterious forces began to pressure us…

Embark on a heart-pounding and dangerous romance with the werewolves under the captivating moonlit sky!

[About Moonlight Crush]
Moonlight Crush: Fantasy Otome by Storytaco invites you into a captivating world of mature romance and fantasy. Dive into a choice-based story game where your decisions shape your destiny. Craft your unique romance with enigmatic werewolves in a world full of stunning twists and turns of Moonlight Crush!
(WARNING!) Every choice you make alters your fate with the werewolves!

[Moonlight Crush's Main Points]
① A thrilling romance story for mature users!
② A variety of character costumes that lead to your desired ending!
③ Increase your character's favorability and collect various high-quality romantic mood illustrations!

[Moonlight Crush is recommended for]
✔Those who want to enjoy a realistic female-oriented dating simulation.
✔Those drawn to sexy and compelling characters within a role-playing experience.
✔Those intrigued in trying a female-oriented visual novel game
✔Those who want to see immersive, high-quality date illustrations
✔Those eager to explore various story endings shaped by your strategic choices.
✔Those who enjoy making decisions at pivotal moments, influencing the narrative's direction.
✔Those who seek the excitement of balancing danger with the charm of otome and dating simulations.

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