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NÜMOR CREDIT NBFC is a nationally invested company established in June 2017 with a special license for credit operations from the Financial Regulatory Commission. Based on the study of consumer preferences and behavior, innovative services or online loan applicants can determine the amount of credit they can obtain. Requesting a loan, getting back in touch, and a friendly team that takes care of customers and provides a comfortable environment. In addition, innovative products such as Travel Loan Package, Holiday Loan Package and Health Loan Package are delivered to our customers quickly and without collateral, with the most flexible conditions.

Full loan repayment period is less than 60 days

Our loan terms
1. Loan amount: 50,000₮ - 2,000,000₮
2. Loan interest: 1.7% - 3.0%
3. APR : 20.4% - 35.4%
4. Loan period: 1-9 months

For example:
Loan amount: 1,000,000₮
Loan period: 9 months
Interest rate: 2.2%
APR: 24.8%
Monthly payment: 131,235₮
Interest payment: 181,115₮
Total payment: 1,181,115₮

Our loan products

1. Personal credit line
Credit rights up to 2 million MNT, term up to 9 months FAST, EASY, FLEXIBLE loan service
1.1: Anytime, Anywhere
1.2: up to 2,000,000 MNT
1.3: Interest is calculated based on days used
1.4: Documents are not held
1.5: Ability to pay in installments over multiple months
1.6: Only 3 minutes to get credit

2. Leasing line
An opportunity to get all the products and services you need directly from the store using the Numur app without paying in advance
How to use?
2.1 : Go to the store to buy goods.
2.2 : Choose the goods to buy and go to the cashier.
2.3 : Click on the QR reader in the app and scan the QR code
2.4 : Select the loan amount and time period and confirm

3. Car loan
A credit inquiry is all you need

4. Student loans
University students can get loans based on their GPA and accumulated credits.
4.1 : Anytime, Anywhere
4.2 : up to 300,000 MNT
4.3 : Interest is calculated based on days used
4.4 : Documents not seized
4.5 : Ability to pay in installments
4.6 : Only 3 minutes to get a loan



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