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Are you looking for a fun and hilarious way to prank your friends? Do you want to make them laugh with fake video calls, cracked screen effects, and funny prank sounds? If yes, Prank Call is for you, the ultimate app for all pranksters who want to have a good time!

Prank Call is an app that lets you have fun by making a fake video call and trolling friends with funny sound effects. Your friends will be fooled into thinking that you are having a video call with a celebrity, a girlfriend, or a boyfriend, which you are not! You can also make them believe that your phone screen is broken, or that you have a lie detector on your phone.

Key features:
✅ Bringing out laughter and relieving stress
✅ Fake video call with famous people
✅ 100+ funny sounds for pranksters
✅ A lie detector by fingerprint scanner
✅ Broken screen effects
✅ Friendly and easy-to-use interface

With Prank Call, you can have fun in various ways:
Make a fake video call to prank friends
- Create hilarious and realistic fake video calls with anyone you want
- Choose from a variety of characters and backgrounds to create a realistic fake phone call
- Show off your fake facetime call to your friends and watch their reactions

⚡ Troll your friends with cracked screen effects
- Make your screen look like it's broken with various broken screen effects
- Pretend that you dropped your phone or that someone smashed it. Your friends will be shocked and scared when they see your cracked screen.
- Go back to the app to turn off the screen affect to let them know it was just a prank!

Enjoy prank games with 100+ funny prank sounds
- Play various prank sounds on your phone to annoy or amuse your friends
- Choose from fart sounds, air horn, hair trimmer, burp, scream, laugh, and many more
- Set a timer to play the sound effects automatically
- Use these annoying sounds to interrupt your friends' speech, to make them think that something is wrong with your phone, or to make them laugh.

Find out if someone is lying with a lie detector test
- Pretend that you have a lie detector on your phone that works by fingerprint scanner
- Ask your friends any question and make them put their finger on the screen
- Make them confess their secrets or expose their lies.

How to use it:
- Open the Prank Call app and choose what kind of prank you wanna use to troll your friends
- Pretend like you are video calling with a celebrity or a girlfriend/ boyfriend (as if you had one )
- Prank your friends from the back with a simulated hair trimmer sound or other funny annoying sounds like air horn or fart noise
- Relax, and enjoy a stress-free time with your friends
- Share the app to other friends to spread the laughter

Prank Call is all about bringing you funny moments with laughter and prankster. It is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You will burst out with laughter after seeing your friends' reactions. So what are you waiting for? Try Prank Call today to prank your friends like never before.

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