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Sam Helper is an app designed to enhance user experience on Samsung mobile devices and tablets. Through its settings, you can boost performance, reduce battery consumption and improve your device's features. When you open the app, you'll find the various customization sections offered by Sam Helper.

Theme and font settings

The first section available is Theme Tools, where you can install custom fonts and themes. If you have installed one that you don't like, you can simply uninstall it. You can also check which font you're currently using, and change an app's icon or your device's wallpaper.

Advertisement A host of modifiable system settings

In the second section, System Settings, you can modify a wide variety of display-related settings. You can choose the color space you want the screen to display, from AMOLED Cinema (DCI-P3), AMOLED Photo (Adobe RGB), Basic (sRGB), Natural (the default) and Vivid. You can also adjust the screen's maximum and minimum refresh rate and the transition speed. In addition to this, you can adjust the animation speed, have access to edit the Android/data folder, enable or disable status bar icons, change the preferred network type among other network settings, and modify features via secret codes. To use these features, you will need root permissions or to use ADB.

Shizuku Terminal

In addition to all these sections, Sam Helper has a tool to check the operation of your Samsung device's barometer. There is also a Shizuku terminal in case you want to run commands, though you will need to have Shizuku installed on your device. Finally, in the app settings, you can change the app theme to light or dark or have it automatically change to match your system settings.

App manager

Sam Helper also contains a built-in app manager where you can uninstall apps, export their APKs, copy the package name or install dual apps. Finally, you can also view hardware information about your Samsung device, including battery cycles and the version of Android.

Download the Sam Helper APK and enjoy a whole host of customization options for Samsung devices.



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