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Welcome to the exciting universe of Sandbox: Genius Mechanic, where your creative genius can be unleashed to its full potential as you design, build, and design amazing designs. With over 90 different building blocks at your disposal. Sandbox: Genius Mechanic gives you the power to design, create, and build on your terms.

Main features:

️ Unleash your creative genius: Dive into a world of invention where you can design, build, and create ahead of time using over ninety different building blocks. There is no limit to your creativity here. Perhaps your design will be taken as the basis for future technological breakthroughs!

Test in different locations: Go on a trip! From tranquil islands to vibrant cityscapes and vast expanses of water, each will provide fresh opportunities for your creative projects.

Day and Night Modes: Test your inventions in the light of day or the atmosphere of night, it will add depth and challenge to your creative process.

Blocks for any design: Use a wealth of building blocks divided into five groups:

1 Blocks: Includes cubes, angles, pipes, and beams.
2 Mechanisms: Covers cameras, joints, hydraulics, electric motors, sensors, and springs.
3 Wheels: Includes crawler tracks, and various types of wheels including automobile wheels and large transport wheels.
4 Components for Flying Cars: blades, helium tanks, high-speed motors, rotors, turbines, and various types of wings.
5 Mechanisms for Water Vehicles: Contains floating cylinders, cubes, water skis for structures, propellers, and water turbines.

Sandbox: Genius Mechanic brings your creative genius to life! Challenge yourself to create an amazing car, ship, plane, or any other mechanism and share your innovative creations with the world through online workshop publishing. The possibilities are endless!

Download Sandbox: Genius Mechanic now and embark on an exciting journey into the world of creative engineering and construction!

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