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Sonolus is a rhythm game that is actually much more than a simple musical game in which you play the notes that appear on the screen. Why? Because the game allows you to import servers created by the community, with which you can enjoy songs from other similar video games, such as Deemo, VOEZ, and BanG Dream! At first, the way Sonolus works may seem somewhat complicated, but it's actually really easy to use. To get the most out of the game, the first step is joining its Discord community, which you can easily find on its official website. Once you've joined the Sonolus Discord, you can access a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started. This tutorial is available in more than half a dozen languages. One of the tutorial's most important sections is the one about servers. Accessing the various servers created by the community is as simple as copying the URL of the server in question, which you can find on Discord, and pasting it into the server address box on the app. In a few seconds, Sonolus will start downloading data, after which you can play the songs present on that server. In addition, the gameplay itself can change from server to server. While most players import servers to enjoy songs from other games, Sonolus also allows you to import your own songs. This process is a bit more complex than importing servers, but again, you can find a step-by-step tutorial on the official Sonolus Discord channel. Once you've created your own server, you can also share it with the rest of the community. Sonolus is, in the words of its own developers, a rhythm game framework. As such, not only can you have fun playing it, but you can also create and share with its community. The app takes up very little space on your device's memory... although this size can increase considerably as you download additional servers.



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