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Soul Girl Re:Born v1.0.9 Mod APK (God Mode,High Damage,Invincible)

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"《Soul Girl Re: Born》
An ordinary girl reincarnated into another world, wakes up as the boss of a Soul Gang?
Embark on an adventure of nurturing with a Soul Girl, gather Soul members, and expand the Gang's influence!
Enjoy diverse and rich content, and experience limitless growth in this delightful Idle RPG!

⟢ Game Introduction ⟣
【Chibi-style Mighty ""Idle"" Action RPG】
✴ Battle against endless enemies and experience the exhilarating feeling of high-speed Hack & Slash.
✴ Chibi character designs, and mighty Soul subordinates embody a new collectible Idle RPG experience!

【Soul System: Expand the Gang's Influence!】
✴ Over 160 Souls with different skills and appearances.
✴ Obtain and unlock powerful skills according to the strengthening stages, and organize formidable Soul subordinates!

【Accidentally Become the Strongest Gang Boss in Another World!】
✴ Achieve limitless growth through collecting and synthesizing various equipment and Souls!
✴ With abundant rewards constantly pouring in, rapid growth is just a blink away! I am the most formidable Gang boss!

【Beyond Imagination! Resource Farming Is Too Easy!】
✴ Obtain various resources required for the Gang through different types of dungeons, such as gold, antiques, etc.
✴ Support offline rewards, becoming stronger just by being Idle? It's just too easy, isn't it?
✴ Break through challenges at each stage, battle against powerful bosses, and sweep through the Isekai with the Soul Girl!"
⟢ Minimum Specifications ⟣
✰ iOS 16.1
✰ AOS API 24
✰ Android 7
✰ RAM: 2GB

⟢ Recommend Specifications ⟣
✰ iOS: N/A
✰ Android 12
✰ RAM: 4GB

⟢ Official Channels ⟣
✰ Facebook Page:
✰ Terms of Use:
✰ Privacy Policy:
✰ Customer Service Inquiry: [email protected]

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