Spanish Alphabets Vocabulary

Spanish Alphabets Vocabulary v1.0.9 Mod APK (Free purchase,Mod speed)

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Spanish Alphabets Vocabulary Mod App تفاصيل

This App is in Spanish Language.

Spanish Alphabets vocabulary book is one of the best app for kids available in the market, comprising of 8 vocabulary words starting from every alphabet. The book has carefully selected objects that could be described with pictures and sounds they make. The app is packed with many options to change the fonts and turn on / off the background music.

Spanish Alphabets vocabulary book helps increasing the kids learning and IQ gradually by looking and listening the objects repeatedly. The app contains the maximum possible objects that could produce interesting sound effects and keep the kids involved in the learning process.
Alphabets for kids and ABC for toddlers

It is one of the best app to create curiosity in the toddlers. Curiosity leads to learning and increasing IQ in toddlers and they starts understanding general navigation in mobile devices as well.

The app's interface is very less distracting and easy to understand for the toddlers. The toddler taps the objects and enjoy the sounds repeatedly. The attending parent may then ask the names of the object and the child easily answers thus helping the kid to increase its vocabulary at very early age.

Note: There is a little effort involves in the process to teach the toddler the app's interface and the objects names for the first couple of times.

Spanish Alphabet vocabulary book is one of the best app for Montessori education. The app can be easily practiced in the montessori and kindergarten classes. Depending on the schools implementation of the modern education, the teachers can easily educate the kids using this app.
Install on Desktop / Laptop Computer

The Spanish Alphabets vocabulary book is available on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows & Windows Phone). Even if one doesn't have any mobile / tablet device can easily install this app on his / her desktop or laptop (using Windows Desktop app Link given above).

Following are some common scenarios where this app can be practiced very easily.

A. Tablet Devices for education – (individual students)
B. One Tablet Device for the whole class
C. Desktop Computers for education – (individual students)
D. One Desktop / Laptop for the whole class
E. One TV / LCD for the whole class

Other than the tablet devices, The app can be easily installed on windows based desktop / laptops and therefore can be used in all above mentioned scenarios.

Note: The app can be streamed on TV / LCD through (Airplay, HDMI, or many local laptop to TV / LCD connectors).

Important: The app is available FREE to download for evaluation purposes only and contains ads. Teachers must use practice the complete and ads-free version of the app in the class.
Recommended app for autistic children

The app has been found very interesting and engaging for the autistic children. The autistic kids use the app repeatedly and enjoys the sounds it produces. Thanks to its easy to play and navigable interface that have been designed with special considerations for special kids.

Note: There is a little effort involves in the process to teach the autistic kids the app's interface and the objects' names for the first couple of times.
Key Features

Four carefully selected Fonts for memorizing alphabets' shapes
Upto 8 vocabulary words for every letter
Objects Sound Effects
In iOS, this app is available in five different languages.
Zero distraction of any user interface controls
Carefully selected colors
Soft background music option
High Definition content for retina display
Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters

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