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Ready to tap some hoops? Grab a ball & start dunking! Addictive basketball game.
Get ready for an electrifying arcade challenge in Tap & Dunk It! Tap to shoot and dunk the basketball into the hoop. Aim for high scores before time runs out and experience the rush! Unlock awesome basketballs with mind-blowing effects, collect new hoops, and become a celebrated basketball luminary in this flappy-style game.
Within this boundless basketball extravaganza, two enthralling game modes await your mastery: tap mode and drag mode. Both modes revolve around a singular objective: shoot basketballs through the hoop and execute slam dunks while avoiding any contact with the rim or backboard in order to amass a wealth of points that will leave onlookers in sheer awe!
Prepare to score your way to victory in Tap & Dunk It! Immerse yourself in the addictive rush of shooting basketballs, executing flawless shots, and soaring to unprecedented heights of basketball greatness! With its captivating gameplay and mesmerizing visuals, this arcade game is a must-play for all basketball enthusiasts.
Completely Free: Dive headfirst into the captivating world of Tap & Dunk It without spending a dime! Experience the thrill of shooting basketballs without any financial burden.
Endless Gameplay (Flappy Style): Experience a nonstop surge of adrenaline as you immerse yourself in an endless pursuit of basketball glory! Keep shooting basketballs to push your high score to new heights.
Simple One-Touch Control: Seamlessly maneuver your way through the arcade game with intuitive controls that require only a single tap! Tap to jump and shoot basketballs with precision and finesse.
Tap Mode: Embrace the allure of boundless time and immerse yourself in an addictive rush of tapping to shoot as many basketballs through the hoop as humanly possible! Show off your shooting skills without the constraints of time.
Drag Mode: Immerse yourself in a time-unrestricted endeavor, but tread with caution as numerous obstacles lie in wait to test your skills and precision! Drag your finger to control the trajectory of your shot and avoid obstacles along the way.
Hundreds of Challenges and Missions: Embark on a voyage of self-improvement as you undertake a multitude of flip challenges and missions designed to sharpen your basketball prowess and push your limits to the brink! Conquer each challenge and prove yourself as the ultimate shooting champion.
100+ Magnificent Balls with Extraordinary Effects: Unlock an impressive array of over a hundred basketballs, each boasting mesmerising visual effects that will leave both you and your opponents astounded! Collect them all and showcase your unique style on the court.
Offline Play with No WiFi: Unleash your basketball wizardry anytime, anywhere, even in the absence of an internet connection! Enjoy uninterrupted shooting sessions with basketballs whether you're at home, on the go, or in a remote location.
Bounce: Experience the exhilarating bounce of the basketball as it finds its way into the hoop, creating an atmosphere of excitement and anticipation! Master the perfect shot and witness the satisfying pop of the basketball.
Hoop Selection: Choose from a variety of captivating hoops, each with its own distinctive design and flip challenge! Test your shooting accuracy by aiming for different hoops and conquer them all.
Download Tap & Dunk It now and prepare to be captivated by this extraordinary basketball odyssey that awaits you! Best of all, you can embark on this thrilling rush without spending a penny! So what are you waiting for? Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in this unparalleled basketball experience and revel in the joy of shooting basketballs, executing flawless shots, and soaring to unprecedented heights of basketball greatness! Get ready to tap, dunk, hit, and witness the incredible pop of the basketball as it swishes through the hoop on your way to victory!



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