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Tiki (Deprecated) is a short video social media platform where all users can easily share their creations. Of course, you can see all of the community's content, leave comments, interact with other users, join communities, etc.

You can start using Tiki (Deprecated) even if you don't have an account. As a guest user, you can take a look at the other content creators' videos and profiles, but if you want to like anything or leave comments, you will have to create an account. To do this, you can use your phone number or your Facebook or Google account. Any of these three options will work.


Once you have your own user account, it's best to customize your profile. You will have to choose an account name, a good avatar picture, and a good bio. After this, all that's left is to start following other content creators and, of course, begin sharing your own short videos. Anyway, the fun in Tiki (Deprecated) comes from creating and sharing videos.

The Tiki (Deprecated) video-making tool has loads of very interesting features. You can choose how long you want your clips to be, speed them up or slow them down for comic effect, add external audio tracks, use various photo filters, and even use videos from your gallery to edit them easily.

Tiki (Deprecated) is a social media platform full of imaginative creators, where you can find fun, entertaining, informative, cute short videos. It's really easy for the minutes to slip away as you watch videos by some of the platform's most influential content creators.

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