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Z LEGENDS 3 is a 2D fighting game where you can control different characters from the Dragon Ball saga. Here, you'll find characters from each arc of the franchise: from the first few, which began to be produced in the mid-80s, to the last ones, whose chapters are still being broadcast in the 2020s.

Sensitive controls

The controls in Z LEGENDS 3 are very intuitive. On the left of the screen is the virtual controller for moving your character from one side of the screen to the other. Also on the left is the button to recharge the Ki, necessary for unleashing your special attacks. Similarly, on the right of the screen are six action buttons for using all the special techniques that have become so popular thanks to the manga and the anime.

Advertisement Several game modes

In Z LEGENDS 3, you'll find a handful of different game modes, each with its respective distinctive features. In Survival Mode, you'll have to take on tons of enemies, one after the other, without replenishing your health between fights. Tournament Mode follows the traditional rules of the tournaments that have often been seen in the saga: you'll need to win four matches to get the prize. Finally, Battle Mode allows you to take part in exciting 3v3 battles.

Epic fights in the Dragon Ball universe

Download the Z LEGENDS 3 APK if you're looking for a good fighting game set in the Dragon Ball universe. Here, not only will you find a cast with over 20 different characters, but the pixel-style visuals are absolutely stunning. Not to mention the enormous number of characters for you to unlock as you earn coins.



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